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Letter from Harare (Prospect)

It has been raining for two weeks in Harare, with only an occasional respite for the city's graceful avenues to drip dry. For a country that has gone without heavy rain for several years, this is a turnaround.

Cut is the branch (Daily Telegraph)

"I am a woodlander; I have sap in my veins," Roger Deakin writes. The late author is on a mission to get to the heart of something huge and elemental - to understand not just trees, but the very essence of wood.

Voulez-vous couchette avec moi ce soir? (Sunday Times)

The sleek, cramped Eurostar glides out of St Pancras at lunchtime; a couple of hours, a nip across Paris and we’re at Bercy, boarding the Palatino. The name conjures up in my mind an age of glamorous European sleepers but the train doesn’t live up to its heritage.

It’s all in the mind (Daily Telegraph)

Stress is a word we throw around like confetti, yet no one knows or cares much what it means. "It's like defining sex, it's pretty impossible," says the managing director of a company selling stress tests.

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