Is it OK if someone wants to live for years on a bench? (BBC News Online)

In 2017, freelance writer Tom de Castella noticed an elderly woman and her son living on a bench in south London. He discovered they had already been there for two years… which was puzzling. Why hadn't anyone done anything to help them? Why did everyone accept it as normal? The more he investigated, the stranger it seemed. A large bulky object wrapped in a bright blue tarpaulin. It is sitting in the middle of the pavement. It could be an old piano, maintenance equipment, a delivery waiting to be unpacked. But then the tarpaulin starts to move, an arm appears

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Confessions of an Uber driver (The Times)

In a few hours I will feel elated. Then despairing. But at 11am, as I pull out of my south London street in a Toyota Auris estate, I am trying to feel calm. It’s a new career. I’m about to start my first shift as an Uber driver. You don’t join Uber for a laugh, or even a feature in a Saturday magazine. It has taken me six months and £550 in admin costs to get here. There are criminal record checks, medicals, training in how to navigate using the London A-Z – there’s no GPS in sight during training.

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David Adjaye brought to brink of insolvency (Building Design)

Architect shortlisted for the Stirling Prize in 2006 has been forced to turn to insolvency experts after his practice came close to financial collapse. Despite winning a leading role to design the National Museum of African American History & Culture earlier this year Adjaye Associates has been hit by shelved projects around the world.

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