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The ups and downs of high-rise living (BBC News Online)

Raspberry-coloured walls, chocolate brown carpet, the murmur of a radio. A few paces into Jane Hall's flat you spy a drinks cabinet housing treasures from holidays past - melon liqueur, Grand Marnier and Shamrock Irish County Cream. Then coming into the lounge you are overwhelmed by sky. She lives on the 14th floor of Austin House, a tower block in Walsall and her lounge is a window on the world. Or the West Midlands at any rate. Hall, currently getting around on crutches after a hip operation, feels very much at home. “I love living on the 14th floor,” she

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Is it OK if someone wants to live for years on a bench? (BBC News Online)

In 2017, freelance writer Tom de Castella noticed an elderly woman and her son living on a bench in south London. He discovered they had already been there for two years… which was puzzling. Why hadn't anyone done anything to help them? Why did everyone accept it as normal? The more he investigated, the stranger it seemed. A large bulky object wrapped in a bright blue tarpaulin. It is sitting in the middle of the pavement. It could be an old piano, maintenance equipment, a delivery waiting to be unpacked. But then the tarpaulin starts to move, an arm appears

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